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Updates to Raid Expectations

Astegnarn / Jul 30, 2016
For next week's raid, try to have the following checklist done:
1) Raid Consumables (food, flask, pots), or mats placed in GBank for other people to stock you. You can use the guild roster with offline checked and sorting set to professions to see who can craft for you.
2) Get your mythics in. Be as close to 840+ as possible with 3 relic slots in your artifact. Start asking people for mythic runs, even if you're below 810. Being 825 in a raid that drops 850 is going to be rough (you can expect that an instance is tuned for an ilvl of -15 from its drops).
3) Be ready at raid time! Raid time is when we start, not when we start meandering to the banks or logging on.
If we can get things together, Night #1 should be smooth sailing!


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